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Cristal Global and its nearly 4,000 employees on five continents are proud leaders in manufacturing titanium dioxide products. We are passionate about pursuing perfection in our work, providing for our family of employees, and creating a cleaner, brighter future with the products we make.

By increasing our global presence, staying in the forefront of new titanium technologies, protecting the environment, and giving back to the communities where we work, Cristal Global strives to be a model corporate citizen and a name synonymous with the benefits of titanium products.

In May 2007, Cristal acquired Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, combining the two companies’ diverse manufacturing platforms to become one unified global producer. The acquisition propelled Cristal Global to be the world's second largest producer of titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Cristal Global now directs the operation of eight TiO2 manufacturing plants on five continents, with locations in Ashtabula, Ohio; Baltimore, Maryland; Salvador, Bahia; Stallingborough, UK; Thann, France; Yanbu, Saudi Arabia; Bunbury, Australia; and a mine site in Paraiba, Brazil.

Cristal Global is the largest producer of merchant titanium chemicals, and the leading manufacturer of specialty titanium products.

Cristal Global provides numerous products and services for a variety of industries around the world. From coatings to paper and polymers to pigments, our products and services are used to improve everyday life - a brighter paint, a tighter seal, a special ink.

Thousands of products in our world, from plastic bags to aerospace parts, get their start with help from Cristal Global.